We value each and every comment or feedback to us, be it good or bad. We are glad that you take time in telling us whenever you have any issue about our service or any other things. We value everything that you say as it helps our company determine what we should be changed, improved and maintained. In return, as your feedback is imperative to us, we guarantee you to get the soonest response possible whenever you have a complaint and we will do the best we can to sort it out.

Whenever you are not happy with our work, we will do our best to amend the work without costing you a dime and send it to you as soon as it is finished. At the end, if our work has not reached your requirements, we will try to reach an agreement as we still want our customers leave with satisfaction.

There will be a time when some pieces of work cannot be fixed anymore, for some reasons, the due time has passed, and then we will have to go through the complaint to investigate whether it is valid or not. . It is still our goal to make our clients happy at the end of the negotiation, so we may give you a full or part refund of your order.

For our cancellation policy, we do not accept cancellation of contract when we have already started with your order. Before we begin with your order, we do confirm it first for you to be able to have a chance to give additional details before we start working on your order.

We believe that there is always a solution to every problem and that we really appreciate your feedbacks and we want to be as prompt as possible to each of your complaints.

Should there be anything that you want to be clear about regarding our policy, please do contact us.