While selecting essaypoint.net as your online guide towards academic success, you want to be fully aware of our terms and conditions and also be in agreement with them completely. These terms include clarification of our privacy policy and your acceptance to those denotes your mutual agreement with essaypoint.net.

1. Our Agreement to Act as an intermediary between you and the experts

  • essaypoint.net operates as a mediator or agency where students get assistance in their educational progress and also where experts sell their original piece of text as per the requirement.
  • Customers can appoint us in order to trace the right professional for them, who can perform the burden of researching highly, efficiently and also deliver the desired output.
  • The Agency agree to procure that all work catered through its services will match the quality standards of the customers which they had set while placing an order.
  • The customer agrees to evaluate the work assigned and contact within 7 days of the due delivery date if they believe the promises of the authority have not been met.
  • In the case where customer is not satisfied with the quality standard of the work they have ordered, they will have solutions available to them that will set them out of this agreement.
  • The customer is prohibited to make direct contacts with the experts; however they can have discussion with the agency in a straight line.


2. Condition of Appointment

  • The agreement between the Agency and the customer kick-starts when the Agency gets assurance of both, availability of the driver (Expert) who can drive (take on) the order placed and the payment obtained from the customer.
  • The Agreement will be valid between the Parties until the time period certified for alteration has terminated, in spite of the subsisting clauses stated below, except terminated earlier by either party in accord with these provisions.
  • The following clauses will be successful following termination of the agreement between the Parties: point no.8, 10.5 (Paid Amendments), 12, 14 and 15 and 16.


3. Agency Services

  • The Agency undertakes implementation of all rational ability and judgement in allocating an apt expert, having hold of lofty qualifications, understanding and quality record with us.
  • Once the Agency has positioned an apt Expert and acquired payment from the Customer, the Customer admits that the order is obligatory and no repayment will be issued.
  • If the Agency has acknowledged a deposit from the Customer, the Customer concurs that the balance outstanding will be salaried to the Agency, no less than 24 hours earlier to the date on which their Order is payable. If the full balance due is not paid to the Agency in accord with this term, a stoppage in the delivery of the Customer’s work may be the end result.


4. Mutual aid

  • The Customer will provide the Agency lucid updates and make sure that all the facts provided about the Order are exact.
  • The Agency will team up fully with the Customer and use logical concern and skill to make the Order provided as captivating as possible. The Customer decides to aid the Agency in performing the order by making accessible all relevant information to the Agency at the commencement of the transaction itself. Co-operation with the Agency throughout the transaction is required with provision of any further data or guidance.
  • The Customer acknowledges that breakdown to provide such data or guidance during the course of the operation may possibly hold-up the deliverance of their Work, for which the Agency will not be held accountable for any loss or harm caused owing to such delay. In such situations, the Guarantee of Completion on Time will not be valid.


5. Approvals and Authority

  • Whenever the Expert or the Agency needs verification of any exacting detail, Customer will be contacted using the email address or telephone number made available by the Customer.
  • The Customer acknowledges that the Agency may believe instructions obtained using these means of contact and could rationally presume that those instructions are brought out from the Customer.


6. Delivery- Guarantee of Completion on Time

  • The Agency assents to make delivery of all your orders, prior to midnight on the due date, unless the outstanding date falls on a Sunday, Christmas Day, Bank Holiday or any other non-working day. If, at all it happens to fall on any of these days, the Work will be delivered the next day before midnight.
  • The Agency ensures that the expert will complete the work assigned on time, or they will compensate the Customer’s money fully and deliver their work free of cost.
  • The Customer acknowledges that this guarantee is not valid if the Agency can show that the work was completed and dispatched by the Expert on time.
  • The Agency will not be held legally responsible under this guarantee for any delay owing to any sort of technical problems that may erupt because of third parties or others including, but not restricted to problems sourced by Internet Service Providers, Database Software, Mail Account Providers, Hosting Providers and Incompatible Formats.
  • The Agency agrees that if such technical problems are linked with a system for which they are openly responsible for or that third party contractors offer them with; they will on demand provide logical proof of these technical problems. So, unless such proof is required to present; Agency will provide Guarantee of Completion on Time wholly.
  • If the Customer chooses to stay longer to notify the Agency of non-delivery, they assent that this is done at their own risk and for which Agency will not be held answerable for any sort of delay of the Customer to make contact with them about non-or delayed delivery. On demand, the Agency will provide evidence that the Expert finished the work on time and uploaded too, or that the work obtainable to the Customer on time, or evidence that technological snags prevented the Work being accessible on time. If the Agency successfully prove minimum one of these, then the Customer will not be at liberty to gain any repayment or cut rate. However, if the Agency is not able to prove any one of these happenings, the Customer will obtain a full refund and their work free of cost. The Customer agrees that they cannot ask for any other alternative to repayment for delivery troubles.
  • The Agency will have no compulsions at all in context with the Completion on Time Guarantee if the hold-up in the deliverance of the work happens due to Customer’s activities – together with but not restricted to where the Customer is unable to pay an unpaid balance in relation to the Order, or else where the Customer has been unsuccessful to supply Extra Information which they have mentioned is essential for the completion of the work.
  • Where the Customer has decided for ‘staggered delivery’ with the Expert, the Guarantee of Completion on Time communicates to the concluding deliverance date of the Work and not to the delivery of person components of the work.


7. Data Protection

  • The Customer acknowledges that the particulars supplied at the time of placing their Order and making payment might be stocked up on the Agency’s protected database, on the consideration that these particulars will not be disclosed to any third person.
  • The Agency agrees that they will not share any private information given by the Customer other than as obligatory to do so by any legitimate authority, and/or to follow any deceitful transactions.
  • The Agency functions a privacy policy which observes the needs of the Data Protection Act fully. The Agency’s privacy policy is obtainable on the Agency’s websites and a photocopy can be provided on demand.


8. Alterations to Work in advancement

  • It is quite possible that the customer do not ask for amendments to their Order specification after they make the payment or deposit and the Order has been allocated to an expert.
  • The Customer may possibly offer the expert with extra supporting information soon after full payment or a deposit has been taken, provided that this does not boost or clash with the particulars that original Order specification encloses.
  • If the Customer provides supplementary information after full payment or a deposit has been occupied and this does considerably clash with the particulars enclosed in the specification of original Order, the Agency may at their carefulness either get hold of a quotation for the changed specification or reorganize the Order, once is rational, to a different expert without discussing with the Customer. The Customer recognises that this may effect in a setback of the deliverance of their work for which the Agency will not be held liable at all. Under these conditions, the Guarantee of ‘Completion on Time’ will not be due.


9. Alterations to completed Orders

  • If the Customer believes that their completed work does not comply their instructions and/or the assurances of the expert as set off on the Agency website, the Customer can request alterations to the work in 7 days of the delivery date, or longer if they have purposely salaried to expand the alterations period. Such amendments will be made free of cost to the Customer.
  • The Customer is allowed to make only one request, using the Customer Control Panel that contains all particulars of the requisite alterations, which will be dispatched to the expert for comment. If the request be logical, the expert will alter the work and hand back it to the Customer in one day. The expert may ask for extra time to complete the alterations and this could be fixed at the caution of the Customer.
  • If the expert does not concur with the Customer’s demand, opportunity will be given to them to comment on it. In the occurrence that accord, regarding the alterations cannot be achieved between expert and Customer, the Agency’s value control team will evaluate the argument and make a decision that will be ultimate. They may perhaps, at their caution, refer the subject to a diverse expert for evaluation, in which case the decision of that expert will be obligatory for both parties.
  • If the expert doesn’t succeed to meet the terms completely with the Customer’s rational request for alterations, the Customer is allowed to request again that the work is altered until the request has been entirely dealt with.
  • If the request to alter the work exceeds the time permitted for alterations, or if the Customer asks for alterations that do not match or relate to their original Order specification, the expert at their caution may proffer a quotation for the completion of the work modifies and the Customer can decide whether to agree to this or not. The Customer agrees that it is possibly essential to make payment for such modifications prior to the extra work being initiated.


10. Fees

  • The Agency’s assignment charges for their services in addition with the expert’s charges for their services and charges for VAT are publicized as a collective amount on the Agency’s website.
  • If the Customer calls for their work to be altered in a way that is conflicting with their original Order specification, then such alterations will be handed over to the expert who may perhaps lay down their own price for completing the same and then the Agency’s fee will be planned in proportion to that charge. 11. Refunds
  • If the Agency assents to repay the Customer in full or fraction, credit or debit card will be used for this refund that the Customer used to make their payment at the start. If no such card was used (for instance, where fee was deposited into the Agency’s bank account directly) the Agency will tender the Customer an option of repay via Streamline (element of the Royal Bank of Scotland group) or credit on the way to a future order. All refunds are carried at the caution of the Agency.


12. Value added Tax (VAT)

  • VAT is incorporated in the Agency’s estimated prices, where suitable, at the rate existing from time to time.


13. Conditions of Payment

  • Unless payment is taken at the time of placing an order, once the Agency has got a duly qualified and experienced expert to commence the Customer’s order, they will contact the Customer by email to take payment.
  • The Customer acknowledges that the whole balance will remain unpaid at all times. The payment will be done to the Agency before the delivery date for the work if, at their caution, the Agency consent to a deposit sooner than the whole cost of the Order.
  • The Customer acknowledges that once they pay for their order, then the expert that Agency has allotted work to; begins the same on that Order, and then the Order may not be negated or refunded. The Customer may choose whether to continue the Order or cancel it till the time payment or a deposit is made and the Order has been assigned to the expert.
  • The Customer agrees to be in the limitation of the Agency’s refund policies and admits that due to the highly dedicated and individual feature of the services, full refunds will merely be given in the conditions specified in these terms, or other circumstances that take place, in which occasion any repayment or discount is given at the caution of the Agency.
  • These terms must be studied subject to the ‘Payment Up Front’ terms (The Next Section of this Agreement).


14. Payment Up Front

  • The Customer might be requested to pay in advance for their order, when the Agency officially confirming of availability of an expert to complete the Work.
  • The Agency agrees not to ask for payment in advance unless it is convincingly confident that it can make safe an expert to complete the Customer’s work.
  • The Customer undertakes that if advance payment has been made in for securing an expert, the Agency cannot officially state that they will protect an apt obtainable expert to complete the work.
  • In the circumstance where the payment is made in advance by the Customer, the Agency cannot secure an expert to complete the work the Agency will tender the Customer a full repay of the fee made in advance.


15. Copyright

  • The Customer admits that they do not get hold of the copyright to the work Agency’s services completes.
  • The Customer acknowledges that the Agency, its workforce and the experts on its books do not sustain or overlook plagiarism, and that the Agency owns the right to reject provision of services to folks alleged of such activities. The Customer admits that the Agency presents a service that assure duly competent experts in order to provide self-regulating customised research services that aid students learn and move forward with academic standards, and that not any work supplied by the Agency may be handed over as owned by the Customer itself or as anybody else, neither in whole nor in part. Moreover, the Customer agrees not to perform any illegal allotment, exhibit, or resale the Work. Customer also undertakes to handle the work in a way that completely values the fact that the Customer does not possess the exclusive rights to the work.
  • The Customer agrees that if the Agency doubts that some essays or resources are being used in insolence of the above regulations, the Agency reserves the right to decline to perform any more work for the individual or organisation concerned and that the Agency is not liable for any such unobserved and/or unofficial use.
  • The Agency agrees that all work that its services cater will not be resold, or circulated, for payment or otherwise after its conclusion. The Agency also agrees that any of the work supplied to the customers will not be put on any website or paper bank after its completion.


16. Level Requested First Time Guarantee

  • The Agency undertakes that if the Customer chooses to order 2.1 standard work then, work will meet 2.1 standard at the time of delivery.
  • If the work does not comply with the level of the standard ordered then the Customer is authorized to get full payment.
  • If the work has undergone Agency’s quality control process and managed to pass the same, it is assumed to meet the requisite quality standard.
  • Where the Customer desires to argue about the quality standard of the Work under this agreement, it’s mandatory for them to provide the Agency with either plausible proof or a rational justification of the particulars that lead them to consider the work fails to meet the necessary 2.1 quality standard, in seven days of the deliverance date.
  • If the Customer is able to produce before the Agency with such believable proof or rational justification, the Agency will watchfully re-re-examine the work and then come to a decision, having view to all applicable state of affairs and making orientation to a qualified expert where they estimate it essential to do so.
  • If the Customer has any evidence in their favour that proves that the work fails to meet the quality standard ordered this agreement has a condition that such verification must be given in to the Agency on time and this evidence will be taken into account by the Agency to reach some decision. All such verification will be handled with utter privacy.
  • If the work is determined to be lower than the quality standard that is ordered and the reason for this is that the Customer made requests in their Order specification that had the effect of lowering the quality standard of the Work, and had these requests not been complied with by the Expert, it is highly likely, on a balance of probabilities, that the Work would have met the required quality standard, then no refund will be given
  • If the work is determined to be lower than the quality standard that is ordered, and the reason for this is the requests made in their Order specification by Customer that were open to explanation due to uncertainty, then customer will not be entitled to any refund.
  • In any condition, the Agency’s decision is the ultimate; however the Agency will supply adequate detailed information to the Customer with exactly how it landed up to that decision including, if valid, a copy of any custom-made expert’s report.
  • This guarantee is only valid where 2.1 standard work is ordered by the customer.


17. No New Experts Guarantee

  • The No New Experts Guarantee entails that the Agency will not allocate an expert to complete the Customer’s order unless expert’s presentation get tested minimum three times previously through another website of the Agency and found to be suitable.


18. Try Before You Buy Guarantee

  • This Guarantee means that the Customer may request a 500 word sample free of cost, from the expert selected to complete the Customer’s order, wherein the order value involves over 10,000 words. The sample will be exclusively written for the Customer and will undoubtedly relate to the Order placed.
  • The customer will request 500 word sample of the selected expert. It will be provided to the customer once the payment is done by them for their order.
  • When received the free sample, there is no compulsion on customer to proceed with the chosen expert. The Agency will choose another apt expert to complete the order of the customer on their request.
  • The Agency owns the right to say no to supply a 500 word sample where there seems a reason to think the Customer does not want to proceed authentically by using the chosen expert for their order.


19. Help Locating Sources Guarantee

  • This Guarantee means that wherein a journal has been used by the expert that cannot be accessed by the Customer; the Agency will communicate with the expert and a copy of the journal will be provided to the Customer.
  • In the event where the expert has referred a book that the Customer is unable to locate, the Agency will interact with the expert and offer aid to the customer in locating the book.


20. Free chapter by chapter delivery assurance

  • The free Chapter by Chapter delivery assurance means that the expert will deliver chapters of work to the Customer as the project evolves.
  • The Agency owns the right of not offering this wherein the Customer payment of the full balance of the order is yet to be done.


21. Final Mark Awarded

  • The Customer is not allowed to hand over the work as their own; that is supplied to them by the Agency. This is because they do not possess the copyright to the work.
  • The Customer thus agrees that the quality standard that they order is not a guarantee of the mark they will obtain; when they submit their own work, nor is any assurance of the Customer’s final degree mark.


22. General

  • The opening hours of Agency are 9am – 9pm Monday to Friday and 10am – 7pm Saturday. The Agency is not open on Non Working Days, as defined above. Any service or support offered on a Non Working Day is entirely at the discretion of the Agency.
  • Due to the popularity of the Agency’s services, telephone and email support requests cannot always be dealt with immediately, but the Agency pledges to make all reasonable endeavours to respond to the Customer’s requests expeditiously and to deal with urgent requests promptly
  • The Customer guarantees that any decision to rely on the research provided through the Agency to an extent that any delay in delivery may cause deadlines to be missed is done so at their own risk, and that the Agency, its employees and the experts on its books shall not be liable for any aforesaid lateness in delivery, except for that provided for in these terms
  • The Customer undertakes that all opinions expressed on its books by the Agency its workforce and the experts about the use of its provision are given as views only and do not comprise advice. Similarly, the Customer agrees that all views and statements uttered by that of the Agency’s advertising agents and associates are not authorized by the Agency and might not precisely reveal the policies and set of laws of the Agency.
  • The Customer agrees to verify rules and regulations of their university before ordering and to completely convince themselves of rules, regulations and guidelines of their individual institute or universities. The Customer admits that any choice to use an expert’s research services is made on their own proposal and undertakes that the Agency, its workforce and the experts on its books under no condition be held accountable for any for any such decision that may be on contrary or in violation of the Customer’s institution or university set of laws, regulations or guidelines.
  • The Customer acknowledges that the Agency caters all services subject to accessibility and that the work provided is rigorously as academic assistance and which do not comprise of professional opinion.
  • The Customer agrees that though every effort is directed to make sure that all work is completely precise and wholly custom written but imprecisions may occur from time to time and that the Agency, its workforce and the experts on its books any way will not be held liable. Bar free alterations as authorized by these conditions, and an optional discount for such incidences.
  • The Customer acknowledges that if they pass off the supplied work as their own, both in whole or in part, then they are in desecration of copyright and they will by default surrender all their rights under these terms and conditions. Any further solution following such occurrences is totally at the judgment of the Agency.
  • The Agency owns the right to reject any order and/or to refuse to get into an accord with any Customer and all terms in this accord are subject to this condition.
  • The Agency has the right reserved to refuse to keep on with any order if it possesses a valid reason to consider that the Customer aims to use the work supplied by the Agency in breach of these conditions or of the Agency’s Fair Use Policy.
  • Both the parties undertake that these terms and conditions are aimed to be lawfully enforced from the Date of Commencement.
  • These terms symbolize the entire conditions that subsist between the Customer and the Agency from the Date of Commencement and succeed and restore any prior written or verbal agreements, depictions or understandings among them.
  • The parties, when getting into an accord for the location of an expert to supply research services, verifies that this is not done on the basis of any depiction that is not specifically integrated into these terms and conditions.
  • For the reasons of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999, the Parties do not wish to, and even do not give any person who is not a party to the accord among the parties any right to implement any of its supplies.
  • English law will govern the legitimacy, building and performance of any Agreement amid the Parties and they shall also be subject to the exclusive authority of the English courts to which submission is done by the parties.
  • If the law prohibits any supplies of the Agreement amid the Customer and the Agency or court’s judgment finds it to be illegal, invalid or non-implementable, the supplies shall, to the extent required, be severed from the agreement and rendered ineffective as far as possible without modifying the remaining provisions of the agreement, and shall not in any way affect any other circumstances of or the validity or enforcement of the agreement